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by Nick Vitrano

If you’ve ever been to college basketball game…heck, a high school basketball game…you’ve undoubtedly experienced the “premature countdown” strategy employed by the student fan base: 

  • The opposition has the ball.
  • Shot clock is winding down, but not yet critical (inside 5).
  • Student fan base fast-forwards the clock to critical, that is to say, if it’s really at 9, they begin counting down from 5.
  • The strategy: force a premature panic and unnecessarily rapid shot from the opposition.

Like I said, we’ve all seen that.  It’s a great tactic and entertaining as all heck to watch, not for the dramatic number of times it is effective, but for the dramatic theater of the few times it happens to work.

But teams and players have become wise to this ruse.  Enter the trail blazing minds of the Michigan State Spartans student body.  Fast-forwarding is so out.  It’s time to rewind:

I love that this worked not once, but twice…consecutively!  Beautiful.