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It’s Time to Write These Down

by Nick Vitrano

I think the toughest thing to do in sports is to put a round bat to a round ball and hit it in a straight line.  Oh, and you’ve got about ½ a second to pull the trigger on that bat.  Oh, and that ball has some crazy a*s movement on it. 

So…a dude, who fails over 70% of the time when he does pull that trigger, makes contact to the tune of 400 foot bomb, and he can’t take a peeksy for a little bit?  A pitcher can pump his fist, yell into his glove, point to the sky, go all K-Rod crazy on the hill if he secures a big one, but that’s cool…you know, because he’s not “showing up the hitter.”  When you watch the ball too long, trot too slowly, jaw back at a guy who first turns loose his tongue on you, then OH MY GOODNESS!  How dare you?!

Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers was one of 3 players tossed after this incident on Wednesday night:

I love that Gomez was chucked and not the Braves catcher (Brian McCann) who met him 10 feet up the 3rd base line to confront him for showing up his pitcher…a pitcher who, by the way, gave Gomez a nice heater to the knee back in June when these two teams met.  Good work umping crew.  Let's just permit players to dole out their own brand of wild west justice between the basepaths without any consequence.  And then the crew allowed McCann into the huddle while they were sorting out the mess.  Are you kidding me?  

Baseball subscribes to more unwritten rules than any other sport, and each is subject to a unique contextual analysis.  In this case, there is no incident if McCann just lets it go.  And that’s what a grown man on a playoff bound team should do when a punk on the 16 games under .500 opposition violates one of the unwritten rules of the game you play for a laughably comfortable living.  McCann's inability to act like an adult put himself and his teammates in a potential suspension or injury scenario that is irresponsible for a squad that is gearing up for a pennant run.

Grow up, McCann.  Get over yourself.  

And baseball…maybe it’s time we start writing down all of these unwritten rules.