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Smart Pajamas?

by Ben Olson

 ...or you could just read to your children before bed? 

A new kind of pajamas may soon make bedtime easier for kids-- by reading stories aloud to them. The "Smart Pyjamas," sold in the UK, are printed with 47 clusters of dots that act like bar codes when scanned by a smartphone or tablet. Each different cluster links to a different story - from Mother Goose to The Little Mermaid. A free app can be downloaded, and once the interactive PJs are scanned the story begins. The tales appear written in text and are narrated out loud, but children can also read along on their own too. Not surprisingly, the innovation has prompted outrage from some. One online commenter said: "What's next, an app that potty trains? Read to your children yourself, and create memories that will last a lifetime." (Ananova)  

MORE HERE: http://www.smartpjs.com/