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Hello Vinnie. Its your Uncle Bingo.

by Greg Belfrage

Fans of the Joker are laughing themselves silly over an upcoming figure from Hot Toys.  The Joker 1989 Mime Version DX 1/6 scale figure is a must have for any Ha-Hacienda!

The figure is a wonderfully inspired recreation of Jack Nicholson's Joker in 1989's Batman.  In the movie, the Joker and his goons (all dressed as mimes) descend on Gotham Square to carry out a hit on a gangland boss.

Joker Mime is finely detailed and beautifully sculpted.  Its a stunning likeness of Nicholson's Joker and is the latest in a beautiful line of 1/6 scale figures from Tim Burton's Batman film.

The figure includes interchangeable hands, top hat and display diorama.  It even comes complete with the poison quill pen the Joker uses to kill the rival crime lord.  "Hello, Vinnie. Its your Uncle Bingo. Time to pay the check!"

You'll definitely pay the check for this figure.  The price tag is a hefty $229.99!

Joker Mime is currently available for pre-order.  The figures are scheduled to ship in December. Get more information from Hot Toys website!

"Winged freak terrorizes?  Wait until they get a load of me!"

Photo credits: Hot Toys Facebook page


Greg Belfrage is an avid Star Trek fan, serious Batman toy collector and hopeless geek.  He hosts the morning show on KELO Newstalk 1320 AM / 107.9 FM.