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Abortion Providers Vow to Sue Over WI Law

by Jerry Bader

Not a surprise here.   The admitting privileges element of the law would be interesting to see play out in court. The question, I would think, would come down to whether this requirement is reasonable. Those who favor the law argue that it's in the interest of the woman's health and safety, a mantra which is virtually the intellectual property of the pro-abortion crowd. Properly framed this debate could force supporters of abortion rights to show that they really mean that. No, Kermit Gosnell doesn't typify the abortion industry. But less than safe medical standards in abortion clinics aren't exactly a one off either.

The abortion industry says this isn't necessary, that clinics are safe already. It'd be interesting to see how much anecdotal evidence supporters of the law could muster in court to refute that claim. If the pro-abortion camp ends appearing to oppose a law that makes women seeking abortions safer, that would be an interesting moment indeed.