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All Beverages Banned at Brown Co. Library Downtown Green Bay Branch

by Jerry Bader

Why? Because a handful of people are drinking alcohol,so now everybody suffers. And who, most likely, make up the majority of that "handful?" The homeless, which this story barely alludes to. Back in AprilI blogged on a WBAY story about how the Library had become something of a de facto homeless shelter and patrons were being annoyed. In that story, which appears to have been erased from the internet, a library spokeswoman proposed setting up a special room for the homeless. The Press Gazette story linked above mentions accommodations other libraries have made for the homeless.

Libraries have this problem because they're free. If homeless people want to take advantage of that without causing disruptions, that's fine. When they do, they should be tossed out. I have said that sooner or later brick and mortar libraries will give way to a digital world. Allowing this type of behavior to infringe upon patrons of the library will only accelerate that process.