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Appleton School Food Nazi's Go After Concession Stands, Fundraisers

by Jerry Bader

There's nothing wrong with a chicken sandwich at a football game, I get that. But the most successful fundraiser is going to be one with food that people want to eat. And no, they're not eliminating the unhealthy food option and are merely "encouraging" fundraisers that take place outside school hours to follow the guidelines.

Just be honest, if you had your choice between and apple and a brat at a fundraiser, which one are you going to choose? If fundraising groups think apples sell, then they should sell them. If they think brats and burgers will earn them the most money, they should sell them. These same food police are the same ones who think recess has become too dangerous. We won't let kids run around and play and then when they get fat, we'll tell them what they can eat.