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Axelrod Argues Government is Too Big?

by Jerry Bader

Well, that's not what he meant to do, but that's what he did... His argument is the government is so vast you can't expect President Obama to know what a couple of rogue IRS employees in Cincy are up to, can you? Despite CNN reporting the "rogue employee" angle today we already know this was bigger than that. And the Obama administration is employing the Sgt. Schultz "I know nothing" defense on everything: AP phone records, Benghazi and the IRS. You can't blame the President for everything can you? Are you kidding me?

These are the same people who blamed President Bush for mold at Walter Reed. If it happened on American soil from Jan. 20 2001 to Jan 20 2009 it was his fault, and half the things since then are still his fault. The brazen hypocrisy is hysterical to watch, which is small consolation. You can only hope that the violation of AP's phone records keeps the MSM angry enough to keep digging into these scandals.