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Benghazi Emails Suggest WH Prepped Rice for Sunday Morning Show BS Tour

by Jerry Bader

Two thoughts before getting to the meat of this story. This is an absolute bombshell of a story and Fox News is the only media outlet treating it that way. Secondly, imagine a world where Judicial Watch didn't have to do the FOIA request on these emails and the mainstream media was actually doing its job.

These emails seem to validate what Fox News has been reporting and what Congressional Republicans have been saying for years; Rice's Sunday morning tour (she had never been trotted out on the Sunday morning shows before) was a PR tour to sell spin.

The narrative was false and now we know it was prepped. Just imagine if there were Woodward/Bernstein pit bulls today willing to go after a Democratic administration.

Photo credit: http://usun.state.gov/leadership/c31461.htm