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Bill Maher Thinks the Pope Might Be Atheiest

by Jerry Bader

His thesis is too idiotic to explore, so I want to go in a different direction this. His complete quote is: "I think the Pope might be atheist like Obama is." President Obama professes to be a Christian and has said on many occasions that he believes in the power of prayer. Maher believes Obama is lying about this. I find this fascinating.

Maher is admitting that he believes President Obama is pretending to be a person of faith. Clearly Maher has no problem with this; he excuses it because he calculates a liberal is sophisticated enough to be both atheist and understand he has to lie about it to get elected in America. Let that roll around in your grey cells. Is there anything more fundamental about who you are than whether or not you believe in a higher being? Maher has let out of the bag something I've believed for a long time.

I don't know whether President Obama truly believes in God, but I've long suspected a lot of liberals believe he doesn't and he talks the talk because he feels he has to. Whenever a liberal ridicules my belief in God I point out that President Obama is then the same "nut" I am, or at least claims to be. The lib vanishes, almost every time. Actually, I've had one or two concede they believe Obama is faking it.

Let's say as many as half of the liberals in America believe Obama is lying about believing in God. Yes, I pulled that number out of thin air, but I think it's possible. Can you imagine being so cynical that you would vote for someone under those circumstances? And deep down you really know you can't believe anything he says, or at least you shouldn't.

So there are liberals who don't believe President Obama when he says he believes in God, but they believe him when he says he knew nothing about the IRS targeting conservatives(which he hasn't, actually said, by the way). What, so help him...God???