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by Jerry Bader

This is Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate trying to pretend it's a good thing that they don't have a strong candidate to challenge Scott Walker in 2014. Rumors about who Tate may be talking about are rampant, but there is no doubt Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind is under a lot of pressure to run. I've been told he's a reluctant warrior, but his criticism of Walker in recent days makes it sound more like he wants to run.

As for the private sector candidate musings by Tate, that may or may not be a reference to moonbat former Congressman Steve Kagen. His name is in the rumor mill. But here's where this turns hysterical:

Tate said the party, which is holding its convention this weekend in Oconomowoc, is not ready to field a candidate right now. That, he said, is by design and a good thing.

He said the governor wins elections by "running down his opponent and by spending his millions of dollars trying to make whoever we put up as a bogeyman." 

Really? Republicans turn Democrats into bogeymen? You wanna take a look at what the left did to Scott Walker for two years? He was evil incarnate in their collective mind, the ultimate liberal bogeyman. This is classic liberalism. They take demagoguery two an art form and then complain about it from conservatives. This is also proof  Mike Tate is every bit the whack job as the state party's former mouthpiece, Graeme Zielinski.