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Broadway Walmart Could be Fast-tracked

by Jerry Bader

As we were first to report on the show this morning, Green Bay City Council President Tom DeWayne is calling for an Advisory Committee meeting for Monday evening. The committee consists of the Council president and vice president and five committee chairs. It's expected to act on a resolution calling for approval of Walmart's latest proposal for a 154,000 square foot store on the Larsen Green property.

Critics are howling that it's an end run around Mayor Jim Schmitt and Plan Commission. It does indeed put the decision in the hands of city council, which could act later this month, a much shorter timetable than what has been considered. What's laughable is this being called a power play.

What Schmitt has been doing for months is a power play. The mayor of a city unilaterally telling a potential developer thanks, but no thanks. Thanks to a spring election council shake up, it now appears the votes for Walmart are there. My belief is that's why Schmitt is suddenly willing to talk compromise with Walmart.

What's also laughable is the notion that this move somehow rushes the process. This has been going on for over a year. Opponents suddenly realize they're on the short end of the stick and now they want to slow things down.