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Burke Confirms She Is Eyeing Governor's Bid

by Jerry Bader

I know there are liberals who take lightly the idea of Burke being their savior against Scott Walker. Anyone who can tap into personal wealth to finance a run needs to be taken seriously. If the rumors I've heard about what she might have at her disposal (versus what she's willing to spend, which is a complete unknown) are true, she would be a formidable opponent.

I think Joe Wineke's comments about any Democrat tapping into millions of dollars from across the country is flat out wrong. And this is only a top governor's race if there is a true contender. Kathleen Vinehout or Mark Harris won't lure national dollars into a race that will likely be a Walker rout. Burke might; especially if it's believed she'll match with millions of her own.

And Tate's comment about no other dems declaring interest may be wishful thinking. It might also be true. But there are rumors of familiar names considering getting in. We'll see if they do. But it seems pretty clear that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is laying its bets on Burke.