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by Jerry Bader

The left is in a pure state of hysteria after Gogebic Taconite hired armed guards to protect employees doing test drilling for a possible mine in far Northwestern Wisconsin. Now the story the left is telling that the eco-terrorists (they won't call them that, of course) that attacked last month were no big deal. Well, they've gone away since men with guns arrived. That's the whole idea.

I don't have a lot of criticisms of Governor Scott Walker but one of them is that he hasn't reacted strongly enough when faced with the radical left. He errs to the side of caution when it comes to avoiding the appearance of stifling free speech. The Badger lefty loonasphere has gotten comfortable with that approach. That's why they were so startled by a show of force.

And that the eco-whackos have gone away shows this was the right move. Exit laugh line: democratic lawmakers calling armed security "commandoes."