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by Jerry Bader

As I said I believed on the air yesterday, the Wausau gay pride parade being cancelled due to community backlash was crap, and it is. I was also prophetic when I said Daxx Bouvier sounded like a soap opera character's name; it appears it is a made up name. So the next question is motive; why did Blake(assuming he's behind all of this) do this? The Channel 9 story touches on this, I'll jump in with both feet.

The only possible reason I can see to perpetrate this hoax is to try paint a picture of intolerance in Wausau. That has now backfired, first with an alternate event taking place and secondly with this guy being exposed. Here's another question though; the gay community appeared to be suspicous of this effort from the start, why didn't they do more to expose this?