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Cue the Circular Firing Squad

by Jerry Bader

Well, this didn't take long.  There is much to be excited about in Erika Harold. Her promising political  career almost started last time around with this seat but the party machinery supported Davis. Many see Harold as a future GOP superstar but there is simply no other race available for her entry. This incredibly racist, hateful screed shows how desperate the party bosses are to protect their favored candidate.

First, the notion that Harold appeals to liberals and moderates is nonsense. She'll likely run to the right of Davis. This early ugliness in this race shows that the "Chicago way" isn't limited to the Democratic Party in Illinois. True conservatives in the Land of Lincoln pine for a legitimate conservative star. They appear to have one in Harold, or at least a potential one. But it appears that Illinois political thuggery knows no party affiliation. Preibus and Davis were wise to move quickly on this. Not because it's wise politcally, but because it's the right thing to do. This kind of trashy tactics has no place in Republican politics.