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by Jerry Bader

Two M*A*S*H episodes spring to mind. Take the one where Hawkeye embarks on a string of deals to land a new boot, combine it with the "Incubator" episode and you have Obamacare. It seems many of the moving parts of ACA are in conflict with themselves. The news of the last week has been horrific for the administration on ACA: delay in the employer's requirement, enrollment on the honor system and now this.

It makes you wonder how many other dysfunctional elements are in the black box that they're hoping to fix before having to admit they're broken. Every joke cracked prior to passage of this bill about how crazy it is to trust the (in)efficiency of the U.S. government with the nation's health care system now seem prophetic.

I've said it several times in the last week; Republicans need to work toward making November 2014 a referendum on this nightmare.