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Good News with a Caveat

by Jerry Bader

Word yesterday that the Wisconsin Supreme Court will decide the constitutionality of Act 10 is good news indeed. And the Court's decision to take the case is long overdue. But our nightmare isn't over yet. As Kittle points out here, The State Supremes  won't take up the issue this session, which means the arguments don't come till fall and a ruling sometime after that. I wouldn't be shocked if it's 2014 before we know their decision.

Here's another piece of good news. The next justice up for election is liberal Ann Walsh Bradley in 2015. What that means is if the conservative majority upholds Act 10 on a 4-3 vote, no conservative justice faces re-election until Justice Annette Ziegler in 2017. While libs will never get over this defeat, if it ends up being  a defeat for them, passions will have cooled considerably by then. At least on this issue.