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Hey, who's up for repealing the First Amendment?

by Jerry Bader

That's the way Senator Ted Cruz (R)-Texas , characterized this empty gesture of a bill now signed onto by 41 democrats, including Wisconsin's Tammy Baldwin. And Cruz has it right. As Brian Sikma rightly points out, this bill isn't going anywhere. Regardless, when you take a step back it's amazing what a stunning admission of true liberal belief this is.

Note the provision of the proposed amendment that says "in-kind" contribution. Might that include comments favorable to a candidate by a talk show host? They insist that their target is money, not speech and that the two are mutually exclusive. Then why include "in-kind." This is a naked power grab to limit the First Amendment. It's hard to tell whether they don't understand that or have become so brazen as not to care.

Photo credit: By US Congress (U.S. Government Printing Office) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons