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How Cochran Did It

by Jerry Bader

Politico dissects Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran's survival over primary challenger and Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel. In a non-concession speech McDaniel accused of Cochran of using liberal/Democratic outreach to win and that almost certainly was a factor in Cochran's narrow, and one could argue upset, win over McDaniel.

But that door-knocking at liberal and black households was, as Politico describes, just one tactic in a much larger overall strategy deployed by the Republican establishment to literally ride to Cochran's rescue.

And here's another element of this race that should generate a lot of discussion; national Tea Party groups were all in, spent millions and lost. They largely stayed away from the House race that saw Majority Leader Eric Cantor lose to a "Tea Party" candidate. David Brat won that race with true grass roots Tea Party support. That may be the real lesson to take away here.

And finally, everybody will wonder how big a role last minute support by former Packers legend Brett Favre played. As a listener of mine put it: "you've got one guy who didn't know when to quit supporting another guy who doesn't know when to quit." Perhaps believing Cochran didn't have enough gas left in his tank for an overtime period may have been McDaniel's biggest failing.

Photo credit: Tom (talk | contribs){{Information |Description={{w|Thad Cochran}}, U.S. Senator from Mississippi. |Source=Hi res version found at http://www.ur.msstate.edu/news/stories/pix/thadcochranb.jpg, but it is his official photo that is used on his website at http://cochran.senate.go