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Hudson School District Apologizes for Using Obama Propaganda Video

by Jerry Bader

I know this is a small thing to pick out when there is a larger issue here, but I can't help be amused that the Hudson School Principal spelled President Obama's first name wrong. I remember this video, but didn't recall it's exact content until I played it before posting this. At first blush you wonder how any school official would ever use this. As the principal pointed out in his statement, the video includes messages about serving President Obama. How could they not know better? The concept of serving any president should be repugnant. They are so blinded by their liberalism, this doesn't even occur to them. To say that the Obama idolatry is the only flaw of this video is like saying it'd be okay to show these kids a porn movie, if it wasn't for all that sex.

UPDATE: this entry has been updated to fix an incredibly sophomoric spelling error. Karma, it appears, for picking on the principal for incorrectly spelling the President's name.