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I Would Have Cheered...Would you?

by Jerry Bader

The sensibilities of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Bruce Vielmetti are offended by the fact that NRA convention goers in Indy last week cheered when Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told them stories of law abiding gun carriers killing those who would harm them. It's not presented as an opinion piece but Vielmetti opines nonetheless.

He obviously feels there is something inappropriate about a crowd cheering the fact that criminals were shot dead. This is the classic case of liberal moral equivocating by Vielmetti. It appears that, to him, the death of someone trying to do someone harm is no different than if the victim had died. This position is stunning to me.

The lefties at the Journal Sentinel find it hard enough to swallow that Clarke is a black conservative elected official. Being a pro-gun rights law enforcement official is more than they can stand.

Would you had cheered? I would have. I conceal carry because I'd rather have someone cheer for me than mourn for me. I realize that's more than Vielmetti can comprehend.