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"If I've Lost Andrea Mitchell..."

by Jerry Bader

Students of history or readers of a certain age will catch the meaning of this post's title. After Walter Cronkite visited Vietnam and pronounced we were losing and should get out, LBJ is famously rumored to have said(witnesses swear he did but there is not public record of it) "if I've lost Conkrite, I've lost the country. In this case it refers to the fact that if Obama has lost anyone on MSNBC he's got a real problem. And it appears he's lost Andrea Mitchell. And this scandal doesn't appear to be done growing

When Mitchell moved from NBC to MSNBC she left any pretense of being an objective reporter behind. She fit in nicely at the Democratic Party's PR firm. That's what makes this so stunning. And as Politico points out, the White House has floundered badly in responding to this. You have a few far left libs trying to say nothing to see here, but most everybody realizes what a big deal this is. By the way, the MSM should now be doing lots of stories on targeted audits as a companion piece to this.

Republicans still want to get to the bottom of Benghazi, and they should. And there are a number of other scandals out there. But the IRS scandal has people across the political spectrum scared, as it should. I believe this scandal should be #1 on the agenda. As the low-grade employees in Cincy defense melts away, Republicans should continue to probe this. So should the MSM.