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Is Hillary Really Going to Run?

by Jerry Bader

I've been arguing for months I do not believe Hillary Clinton is going to run for President in 2016. It seems the longest of long shot predictions; politically she is  the favorite and unlike 2008, there doesn't appear to be a strong contender to threaten her front runner status. Now, others are asking if she's really going to run.

Charlie Cook's entire thesis centers on whether she's too old to run. She's be almost exactly the same age Reagan was when she took office. And while liberals three and a half decades ago could point to Reagan's age as a negative, conservatives will never get away with that in 2016. I to agree her health could be an issue.

My belief is, quite simply, she doesn't want it. This is entirely speculation on my part, I'm told by liberal friends that are connected in Democratic politics that the sense is she needs to be pressured into the run. In 2008 she was all in and thought she was the heir apparent. Perhaps that experience taught her there is no such thing as a sure thing. Maybe Cook is right and the pressures of State showed her she doesn't want the pressures of the White House.

Maybe Benghazi and other skeletons in the closet are too much for her. Or, maybe she will run. We'll find out, probably in about a year. I'm still leaning that she isn't.