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Is Sebelius Worried Obamacare Might Actually Be Repealed?

by Jerry Bader

It sure sounds that way. The impetus for this piece was the House's 37th vote to repeal Obamacare. When a body engages in an exercise in futility 37 times you wouldn't think the opposition would take it seriously. Republicans don't have the Senate and President Obama would veto a repeal even if they could somehow get it to his desk. Yet she feels compelled to write this?

Here's one possible theory; she's really, really spooked by the IRS scandal. Given the role the IRS will have in Obamacare, it's possible public sentinement could turn against the ACA, dramatically. Given that Republicans did this 36 times before and given there is no reason to believe it's any closer to reality now, you've got to figure something motivated her to write this. Fear that the public could soon strongly favor repeal would certainly be such a motivation.