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John Doe, 2.0

by Jerry Bader

So, there is a new John Doe probe, which grew out of the old John Doe probe, which wasn't about "state" issues, but this one is???. And this one was also initiated from the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office, which gave every appearance of being on a Scott Walker fishing expedition/witch hunt with the last John Doe probe? It's impossible to evaluate this probe because we don't know anything about it. But it's been underway for more than a year and a half now. How much longer will it go on? Until they find/manufacture something?

This is the same Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf who introduced entirely irrelevant emails during a court proceeding because he thought they made Scott Walker look bad. If we learned anything from the last John Doe probe, it's that the Milwaukee County D.A.'s office can't be expected to handle them impartially when the probes target Republicans.