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L Should be for Lambeau

by Jerry Bader

I, of course, couldn't agree more, at least the bleeding Green and Gold part of me. But logically, I know this can never happen, and so does he. The Milwaukee scenario is dicey at best. I don't know how familiar he is with Wisconsin, but I get this hunch Milwaukee to Green Bay is further than he realizes. Throw in messy February weather and it would be a debacle.

But as a football purist I don't think he could be more right. The 1958 sudden death NFL Championship game is seen as the beginning of the marriage between TV and the NFL. But there is no doubt that the Lombardi Packers of the '60s were a HUGE part of the NFL's growth in popularity. Add in the Packers playing in the first two Super Bowls and the "Ice Bowl" to get to the second one and no team's stadium is a more appropriate host for a milestone Super Bowl.

However...I did hear a plausible proposal for Lambeau to help mark the 50th Super Bowl; have the home of the Packers host that season's Hall of Fame game. Is it the same? Of course not. But it is doable.