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Liberal Racism on Display

by Jerry Bader

This is classic liberal projectionism; they're trying to call the NRA racist and end up making a racist video themselves.  First, they reinforce the stereotype that all young black men are dangerous. Again, what they're trying to do is accuse the NRA of holding this belief system. But the truth is they are the one's advancing this stereotype. And to push this they make the case there would need to be a "black NRA" because blacks would never be welcome in the NRA.

In fact, law-abiding gun owners of any color are welcome in the NRA.And what the addle-minded Silverman and her cohorts don't understand is they are indulging in the very belief system of which they accused George Zimmerman. They are sure the NRA wouldn't have young black men to legally own guns because they(the idiot liberals producing this tripe) believe that would be a dangerous situation. Because the NRA doesn't hold this racist proposition, the makers of this video try to impose it upon them. They only succeed in making a racist statement themselves.

Here is an excellent response to this racist video. The room temperature IQ Silverman may fear guns in the hands of law abiding blacks, I don't. Neither does the NRA. Yes, there is a disproportionate violent crime problem among young black men. Contrary to what Silverman believes, that doesn't mean all young black men with a gun would pose a threat. Criminals of all colors with a gun are the threat. Law abiding citizens of all color with guns is part of the answer.