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Liberal's heads explode over Hobby Lobby ruling

by Jerry Bader

Hot Air has two very good pieces on Hobby Lobby Derangement Syndrome. You can read them here and here . But the crux of the liberal angst is that women have a constitutional right to have their employers pay for whatever they want, and that certainly includes abortifacients. Women have the right to use any legal product they want; that right doesn't mean employers have to pay for it if it violates a religious belief system.

As for the slippery slope argument offered by libs in these pieces; they don't hold much water but I actually agree with one point. The narrow scope does set up two sets of rights, but they are for employers not employees. A small, privately held company now has more religious liberty than large, publicly held companies. There was a day when Bill Gates was Microsoft and Steve Jobs was Apple. So the High Court said today that companies can outgrow religious liberty. Somehow, that disturbs me.

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