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Mary Burke Finally Speaks on Act 10

by Jerry Bader

There was never any doubt she would work to restore public employee collective bargaining to where it was pre-Act 10. The real mystery is why she waited till now to say this. And it's also interesting she picked a stop in Sheboygan to do it. There seems to be a disconnect between Burke and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. The DPW seems to be all about the "War on Women" strategy, whereas Burke turns everything back to "jobs," including making the argument here that Act 10 somehow is holding back economic growth in the state.

Burke finally admitting what we all knew, that she would work to overturn Act 10, finally gives Republicans a real distinction between Burke and Walker, the distinction her "Platitude Mary" persona avoided. Walker and Republicans have a long list of Act 10 related accomplishments. Let's see if Wisconsinites really want to turn back the clock after considering those accomplishments.