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by Jerry Bader

The "debate," for want of a better term, over fast food wages is missing two incredibly important logical realities. First, fast food company profits are irrelevant to the discussion. Here's a simple reality; the more of something there is, the less it costs. This is true of human resources as much it is any other resource. Doctors and lawyers and rocket scientists and Aaron Rodgers are paid a lot of money because not everyone can be one. The reality is a lot of people have the ability to work at fast food places. Some will be better at it than others; some will commit to it more than others. But the basic skill set is plentiful in the workforce. That means the price will always be low. This movement is trying to artificially inflate the value of these workers. This isn't new. Organized labor succeeded in doing this through most of the latter half of the twentieth century and they're trying to do it here.

But people won't pay $10 for a Big Mac and that's what the result of this will be. Which leads to the second logical point being missed here. Fast food jobs are about the only ones being created in the recovery, so this movement wants them to pay more. That these low paying jobs are the only ones being created tells you how phony this recovery is. Instead of protesting the failure of the Obama recovery, they want the low paying jobs it created to pay more. It simply doesn't work that way. Why? See above.