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Media Trackers Exposes The Democratic Party of Wisconsin's War on Women

by Jerry Bader

The Democratic Strategy for the 2014 election year is a moving target. Actually, it's more of a mutant with two heads: The War on Women and Income Inequality. And even then, those heads aren't mutually exclusive. Both heads include the alleged gender wage gap; the myth that women make 77 cents on the dollar men are paid for the same work. The mythology is the "same work" part.

There are economic realities as to why this disparity exists. They include women still not entering higher paid professions in the same number as men, dipping into and out of the workforce for motherhood, and others. But the liberal argument that evil companies pay women 23% less out of pure discrimination.

When the White House was caught with a similar disparity they argued it was due to the same market forces mentioned above. And they practically made themselves sound like victims to those forces. I'm guessing if the Democratic Party of Wisconsin responds to this Media Trackers report at all , they'll offer the same excuses the White House did. The same excuses they dismiss from the private sector. So when the private sector pays women 77 cents on the male dollar, it's because business exploits women as cheap labor. When the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has the exact same pay disparity, it's market forces beyond their control. Got it, thanks.

Photo credit: By Becca [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons