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More Fundraising Fun from One Wisconsin Now

by Jerry Bader

When last we checked in on our radically leftist friends they were prostituting the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior in a fundraiser. This one is just laughable. I get a kick out of how they're sure high student loan debt is a scandal. It is; borrowing money for a major that will never earn a dime is scandalous. And I'm actually going to agree with them to some extent; student loan lenders should determine whether a course of study is acceptable collateral. Of course if they did, groups like One Wisconsin Now would howl about that. But what's hysterical here is they are shilling for money by "honoring" grads. You could argue this is borderline deceptive, and I stress borderline, giving the impression that somehow the money will go to the grads. Of course, it will simply go to One Wisconsin Now.

All this group does with these fundraisers is exploit the very groups the claim to feel are victims for their own gain. Giving money to One Wisconsin Now won't impact what happens with Photo ID in Wisconsin or student loan debt. It will impact there wallets, period.

Hey Jerry -

$51 billion.

That’s how much profit the federal government says they’ll rake in from student loans in fiscal year 2013. And you better believe that the banks are getting more than their fair share too!

We’re not going to stand by and take it! Will you kick in $13 in honor of the class of 2013 to help us fight back?

Our groundbreaking research has shown that the trillion-dollars in student loan debt is not just crushing our students and their families, it’s dragging down our entire economy.

We’re criss-crossing Wisconsin and reaching out across the nation to raise awareness of the crisis and build a coalition to demand real action to make sure a higher education is once again a path to the middle-class, not a sentence to decades of indebtedness.

And our work is paying off. People like Elizabeth Warren are taking on the special interests and fighting to get us the same deal on student loans that the big banks get when they borrow money from the government.

But there’s so much more to do and we need your help.

We’re asking you to kick in $13, in honor of the graduating classes of 2013, so we can keep up the fight. Can we count on you?

Thanks for all you do.