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More Pit Bull Coverage from CBS on Obamacare Debacle

by Jerry Bader

As I blogged earlier, I am stunned at how aggressive the "Tiffany network" is on this story. To stay with the canine metaphor, CBS has been doggedly in their coverage. Since Dan Rather took the anchor chair in 1981, I've always considered CBS the most liberal of the old big three networks. Not that ABC and NBC weren't liberally biased; I just felt CBS topped them. And reports that the network was upset  ith what they considered correspondent Sharyl Attkisson's overly aggressive coverage of the Benghazi scandal didn't do anything to change that belief system.

So, yes, I'm taken aback at how they have sunk their teeth in on this story and aren't letting go. I also like the closing bit about the poor woman who has had her smiling face removed from the website's greeting page. Scott Pelly note's "we never did know her name." It's become a news media template to use a screen shot of a web page the way they did with this story. So she was literally becoming the face of the website and Obamacare itself. I'm guessing she begged the White House to take it down.