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Murphy wants to retire #4 before 2016

by Jerry Bader

I've been saying this all along, there is no way the Packers want this wound still open when Favre is inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, which will happen on the first ballot in 2016.  And it would be an embarrassment to the organization if Favre's number wasn't retired by the time that happens. Well, it isn't going to happen this year. So that leaves 2014 or 2015. I thought it was going to happen earlier, but now I'm guessing 2015.

Unlike a lot of fans, my problem with Favre isn't that he went to a hated rival. In fact, that makes perfect sense if you're Brett Favre. If you think what Favre did hurts, imagine if the Vikings had won a Super Bowl with him. After 1996 a lot of Packers fans thought we could see 3 or 4 Lombardi trophies come to Green Bay during the Favre era. It didn't happen. Imagine if he had won one for Minnesota. But as I said, that's not my problem. 

The Packers don't deserve any awards for how they handled his departure but Favre was petulant and childish. I've been told that Favre practically ran the franchise under Mike Sherman. They may or may not be true, but he sure looked like a guy whose wings had been clipped when Thompson/McCarthy arrived. Favre made the mistake a lot of employees at a lower level do; he became convinced he owned the job. No, the employer does. Yes, even when you're a future Hall of Famer.