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New Scott Walker Book Criticizes Romney campaign

by Jerry Bader

It was written earlier than a Walker for President 2016 run could be hindered by 2012 Romney donors who were unhappy with Walker's criticisms of Romney. Many people, including me, were wondering what that was all about. Walker did say some things publicly during the campaign, but nothing all that harsh. Well, now we know. Walker, in fact, reached out to the Romney campaign to offer what appears to have been unwanted advice. I have mentioned this briefly on the air, but now seems like a good time to let loose.

The Romney campaign was, perhaps, the most arrogant political campaign I have ever seen. In advance of the Wisconsin primary Romney made several appearances on Milwaukee talk radio, but would have nothing to do with my show. I suspect this was because I endorsed Rick Santorum. At the time I stressed it was out state Wisconsin Romney would need to carry the state in November, yet he was obsessed with Milwaukee, or at least his handlers were.

When I finally got in touch on the phone with a Romney campaign official, she said they'd be happy to try to schedule something for my show. It became clear this was an outright lie. Romney was a flawed candidate, no doubt, but he also surrounded himself with a bunch of group thinkers who bristled at the notion that anyone from the outside might know what they're talking about.

Walker's advice was sage, and it was ignored And the rest is history. The Republican establishment likely will not be thrilled with the criticism's of Romney's campaign in Walker's book. That doesn't make them any less true. That said, Walker should also recognize that central to Romney's campaign problems was the people with which Mitt Romney surrounded himself. This has been a failing of Scott Walker as well. He needs to recognize that, particularly if he is seriously consider a presidential run in 2016.