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Not Even if You Squint

by Jerry Bader

Mary  Burke is out with her first TV attack Walker ad. I suppose I could wait for the non-fiction version, but I've decided to weigh in now. First watch for yourself:

Okay, here we go:

Unemployment in Wisconsin was 7.7% the day Scott Walker took office, it's now  6.2%. The ad has a graphic showing the rate going from  4.8% to 6.2%. Not in this reality. I didn't even know where she was getting the 4.8% until Collin Roth at Right Wisconsin pointed out that number is from 2007, when Burke left the Doyle Admininistration and leaves out the fact the jobless rate spiked to 9.2% under Jim Doyle.

And Trek, "the comapny she helped build?" Really, The smells of another liberty she's taking with her itme at Trek, the company her father built. This paints a pretty clear picture of what we can expect for the next  seven months and it's not a pretty picture.