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Obama Administration Selective Enforcement: Wind Turbine Edition

by Jerry Bader

As I've taken up the issue of wind turbines time and again, listeners have repeatedly asked me to cover this angle. And coming from the AP, this is a pretty pointed attack (I'm guessing this story was in the works before Monday's revelation about AP's phone records). In fact, wind energy gets the benefit of every doubt from government and the media. I have just one small nit to pick with this story:

But like the oil industry under President George W. Bush, lobbyists and executives have used their favored status to help steer U.S. energy policy.

The result is a green industry that's allowed to do not-so-green things. It kills protected species with impunity and conceals the environmental consequences of sprawling wind farms. 

I would like to see specific examples of where the oil industry got the kind of breaks the wind industry does(I'm not saying they didn't get breaks). And wind energy isn't self-sufficient. It needs to be propped up by government subsidies. This isn't just getting favors. This is being kept in existence by public assistance.