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Obamacare Coverage Pitbull: CBS???

by Jerry Bader

I continue to debate with listeners who supported the Cruz strategy that the now intense coverage the MSM is paying to the Obamadebacle shows that the shutdown simply obscured this disaster for 16 days. I'll never convince them, so it's simply time to move on to that coverage itself. Not only am I surprised at how most of the MSM isn't playing pretend with the train wreck anymore, but I'm stunned at the network that I've always considered the most liberal, CBS, seems the most dogged on this story. 

CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been a media burr under the White House saddle on several stories and there are suspicions she was targeted as a result. But even her presence on this story doesn't explain CBS's rabid reporting. Listen to Scotty Pelly's intro of her story. Did you ever think you'd hear any MSM network, let alone this one, do such honest reporting on an Obama administration program????