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Officials say NSA Surveillance Thwarted Dozens of Terror Plots in 20 Countries

by Jerry Bader

Many conservatives are skeptical that these methods stopped terror attacks. I'm not. And it appears that congressional leaders who are aware of these counter terrorism successes are torn on the program. Some on both sides of the isle feel the results worth such scrutiny, some on both sides fo the isle feel such a privacy overreach is never worth it.

I've made no secret about it on the air; I'm conflicted about this. I'm strongly inclined to believe these methods have made us safer. That doesn't mean I'm comfortable with them. I'm not; not at all. But I'm not sure I'm comfortable with simply ending them now that they're public knowledge. When George W. Bush was president I said I supported strong measures to stop terrorism. I still do.

But in the face of recent evidence of how little we can trust the government, I can't say I sleep well at night knowing how invasive the government has become into the lives of millions of Americans. I also can't say I'll sleep well at night knowing we ended these programs. A woman who called my show said without hesitation she'd rather face two or three more 9/11's than allow the government to continue the surveillance. Really? I can't say such a thing that quickly or easily. But I don't trust the government with the data, and I'm not sure they can keep us as safe as they have the last 12 years without it. I don't see an easy right or wrong to this one.