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One Wisconsin Have a Cow

by Jerry Bader

This time One Wisconsin Now really is having a Cow. What I said was this; Wright revealing that she was raped by a relative is exploiting something awful that happen to her for political purposes. Now, I will concede I was unaware the debate was specific to the issue of an exception of an ultrasound requirement for reported rape, but it wouldn't change my comments, except for the part where I said her comments were entirely irrelevant. Here is One Wisconsin having a cow:


Jerry Bader Jumps on the Right-Wing Bully Bandwagon

GOP Anti-Woman Agenda Deplorable, Attacks Against Opponents Disgusting

Madison – Green Bay radio talk show host Jerry Bader, on his June 18 show, jumped on state Republicans’ bullying bandwagon in the debate over a series of radical anti-women’s health care bills rushed through the legislature. Bader, previously suspended from the air for comments about another woman elected official, launched a bullying attack against State Rep. Mandy Wright for sharing her deeply personal story during debate on a bill to restrict women’s access to legal health care services.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, “It’s impossible to describe the depravity of Jerry Bader’s comments with words that can be printed in a newspaper or spoken during the family hour on television or the radio. His views expressed on his June 18 show are repugnant and vile.”

On the program Bader attacked State Rep. Mandy Wright for sharing her story of an unreported sexual assault by a relative. Wright spoke during debate over only exempting victims of reported rape from a requirement that they be forced to undergo a mandatory ultrasound before being able to end a resulting pregnancy. A transcript of his remarks is available here.

Other legislators who shared stories of how such anti-women’s health care legislation would have affected them and their constituents were accused of sensationalism by bill authors. Topping it off was the unseemly spectacle of Senate President Mike Ellis breaking his gavel while screaming at Democrats to “sit down and shut up” as he abruptly cut-off debate on the bill in the Senate a day earlier.

Ross concluded, “The GOP agenda of taking away insurance coverage for women’s health care services, mandating intrusive trans-vaginal exams for victims of rape and incest and repealing equal pay laws is deplorable. Jerry Bader and the Republicans’ ‘sit down and shut-up’ attitude toward anyone who opposes their misguided misogyny is disgusting. Neither one has any place in politics in  the year 2013.” 

You will note that Ros doesn't mention what I said that he finds so repugnant. I'm assuming he's referring to this: "a woman is going to have a baby ripped from her womb, how invasive is that compared with an ultrasound."  Well Scot, how DOES that compare?  And what's misogynistic about that?  And who told Wright to "sit down and shut up?" I didn't. She has every right to say what she said, and to be criticized for it. That's entirely appropriate in 2013.