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Papa Johns' Apology Not Enough for Some Liberals

by Jerry Bader

If you missed it, a Papa John's delivery person "butt dialed" a customer to whom he had just delivered a pizza. In the voice mail, the customer could hear the employee using racial epithets against him and complaining about a 20% tip. Papa John's CEO John Schantter posted a heartfelt apology on Facebook yesterday , in which he also announced the employee and another who laughed at his comments were terminated immediately.

Clearly the company did the right thing; the comments were reprehensible and even if a customer never heard them the company should fire an employee who would make them on the job if the company heard the comments. And Schnatter was also right to apologize. But read the comments on Schantter's Facebook post. He didn't give them anything to complain about where this incident is concerned, so they start complaining about the company's "unfair labor practices."

Big companies, by their very nature, are evil in the liberal mind. Schantter's actions here don't live up to that liberal stereotype, so they'll go looking for something, anything, that does.