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"Powerful Voices"

by Jerry Bader

Dude, you sent pictures of your penis to women. You did it after you said you'd stop doing it. You're creepy. You're denial of your problem is as creep as the problem itself. You have an 80% disapproval rating, highest in polling history. And now you're going to blame your free fall on "powerful voices????"

Here's why it's difficult(almost said hard) not to be fascinated by this guy. You know he knows the truth. Yet, he does this? This display of arrogance may be as unprecedented as his poll ratings. Can he really, really think he's still fooling people? Why won't this man give up? Why doesn't his wife tell him, "you need help." It's not whether his political career is dead; it's where do we bury it? Somebody needs to tell him that.