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Pro Life Wisconsin: Drop that Girl Scout Cookie UPDATED

by Jerry Bader

I have to admit, I'm struggling to understand where PLW is coming from on this. My older daughter was in the Girl Scouts and I don't ever remember hearing about any connection to Planned Parenthood. It appears if it is there, it's at the national level. And the spokesman for PLW seems to accept the explanation that the national organization gets no cookie money, but then says the organization as a whole sees abortion as women's liberation. I truly don't get that.

And this story doesn't even explain the PP connection to the national Girl Scouts organization. I've reached out to PLW spokesman Sam Guzman to see if he'll come on the show to try to clarify this.

UPDATE:Here's the Wisconsin State Journal's original reporting on this. Really? all of this is over a tweet? My opinion is PLW has embarassed itself here.