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Push Coming to Shove

by Jerry Bader

Republicans, trying desperately fix a mess of their own making, might have to deal with the spectacle of expelling State Representative Bill Kramer. Already stripped of his leadership position, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is raising the specter of expelling Kramer from the Assembly if he doesn't step aside on his own. This follows 2nd degree sexual assault charges filed against Kramer. Thus far, Kramer is defiant; through his lawyer he says he won't step down.

If you read the criminal complaint Kramer's defiance isn't suprising; he appears to be someone who worries almost exclusively about his own wants. The allegations in the complaint, if true, are nothing short of attempted rape. This isn't about pinching someone's backside. This is about a predator.

And however nasty this gets for Republicans, you hope they have learned a lesson here. Kramer's proclivities were not exactly top secret when they gave him a leadership position. This was the mother of all unforced errors. Republicans have done the right thing since Kramer's latest mistreatment of women. They must now go all the way and expel him, if he won't do the right thing on his own. And it doesn't appear tht he will.