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Reports: Walker in talks to end John Doe 2.0

by Jerry Bader

The Wall Street Journal first reported this in an editorial last night. The AP in Wisconsin picked up on it later in the day. Both stories suggest that Walker may be cutting a deal that would put him in the clear but possibly leave the conservative groups targeted in the John Doe probe on the hook.

The Journal piece rightly points out that if that is what Walker's legal team is up to, it's puzzling. Such a settlement would give liberals fodder to suggest Walker does indeed have something to hide when it's the prosecutors that appear to be on the run. And the Journal is also right when it says that if Walker essentially sells out his allies, his "spine of steel" reputation will take a serious hit.

Much is still unknown about the probe but we do know that two judges have ruled that there was no illegal behavior on the part of the targeted groups. If Walker is looking to cut and run here, it's a mystery as to why.