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Resistance is Futile

by Jerry Bader

McManus is spot on here and Congress should yell louder in asking for this correspondence. Rush Limbaugh keeps insisting this won't touch the president; I'm not so sure. There are three paths in this scandal that lead to President Obama's desk:

1) the one that McManus laid out. If the White House gives the appearance of stonewalling on these communications, the media will pay closer and closer attention.

2) combined with one, the media scandals continue to grow. Already some in the MSM realize how close to home this has come to them.

3) Somebody rolls. Conservative critics are being pretty harsh to Congressman Darrell Issa for being caught flat-footed today when Lerner gave an opening statement and then invoked the 5th amendment. I suspect she'll be back before that committee, perhaps with an offer of immunity in front of her. This might be the shortest path to the White House.