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Ribble: Constituent Calls Running 4 to 1 in Favor of Shutdown Ending Vote

by Jerry Bader

The conservative base is riled, but 8th District Congressman Reid Ribble tells the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he's hearing strong constituent support for his vote last week to end the federal government shutdown. I'm sure there are conservatives who will question Ribble's reporting of the ratio of calls in favor. I will say this; I was in on the telephonic town hall referred to in the JS story and I heard caller after caller after caller implore him to vote to end the shutdown. 

Further, Republican officials in the 8th have Ribble's back, and John Macco, a possible primary challenger approached about a run against Ribble responded by saying the incumbent has his full support. A "run to the right of Ribble" movement wouldn't seem to exist, let alone have any momentum at this point.