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Rodgers on Braun: "It doesn't feel great being lied to..."

by Jerry Bader

All in all, I think this was a pretty solid statement from Rodgers. I think he was pretty blunt. I said earlier this week that Rodgers was going to have to make clear that he was lied to and he did. I also found interesting his comments about believing in forgiveness yet not being sure that his joint business venture with Braun would continue. I don't think these two are in conflict.

Rodgers can continue to be friends with Braun yet also realize that investing in a business with Braun's name on it might be pouring money down a rat hole. I don't think Rodgers looks all that stupid for his defense of Braun. I believed him at first. And Rodgers is apparently the type of friend who will believe in a friend until it's obvious the friend wasn't telling the truth.

I think Rodgers' statements today address the possible threats to his reputation and that of the Packer's organization. Whether he still considers Braun a close friend will be his business. Braun made one of the most famous athletes in America look like a fool for believing in him. Time will tell how that plays out.