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Scott Walker's To Do List For 2016...

by Jerry Bader

If he really is considering a run for President. I think Rubin is on the mark with most of these. I think her point #8 is most important, about dealing with the MSM. Yes, Walker has been on the national stage, literally at the 2012 Republican National Convention. And his trials and tribulations in Wisconsin have landed him on national talking head shows. But she's right in that Wisconsin doesn't have a major media market(no,not even Milwaukee, in the way that she means). And the part she mentions on this item about assembling a strong team is critical because this has been a Walker weakness.

In fact, I've predicted Walker's history of surrounding himself with a sub par staff could be what keeps him from the White House, should he choose to run. Heads should have rolled hours after a blogger was able to punk Walker's staff into thinking he was one of the Koch brothers. And there are numerous other examples of Walker being embarrassed by those around him. This needs to be fixed if Walker is serious about a presidential run, or if he becomes serious about one.